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Package Includes

  • Magnetic Eyelash Tool-Applicator
  • Set of 4 pairs of Reusable Magnetic Eyelashes

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Are you looking for a faster & easier method to apply the full strip eyelashes? 

Avenou Reusable Magnetic Eyelash Kit  will help you apply magnetic eyelashes in seconds! 

Two-in-one beauty tool with an innovative product design that fuses false lashes to your own and gives an outstanding, long-lasting curl at the same time without damaging your natural lashes.


Reusable Magnetic Eyelash Kit



2. CLIP & Glam

3. remove & reuse

  • formaldehyde-free



  • formaldehyde free
  • Parabeen free

FEATURES that you will LOVE


Specifically designed to make applying magnetic eyelashes quick and easy, this Magnetic Eyelash Kit is guaranteed to save time whilst doing your makeup. 

Utilizing an innovative curved shape, these professional eyelash tweezers safely apply lashes in seconds with extreme precision – Unlike using your fingers.

safe to use & Reusable 

The ergonomic design fits most eye shapes without damage and the Soft Magnet design allows it to be used on sensitive skin.

The tool for the eyelashes can be used as an eyelash curler and easily removes eyelashes without harming the eye area, making the entire process painless and simple.

Durable & Lightweight

Made of stainless steel alloy material, which is durable and sturdy, not easy to deform. 

Impressively lightweight and small in size. You can easily slip this tool into your purse or pocket, allowing you to apply, remove or repair your lashes on-the-go.


HOW to use 

  1. Apply the top magnetic lash to the top magnetic strip. Apply the support lash to the lower magnetic strip.
  2. Situate the lash curler over your eye, similar to using an eyelash curler, and make sure that the lashes are positioned with the magnets closest to the eyeline.
  3. Then clamp down over the natural lash and allow the magnetic lashes to come together. Release and enjoy wearing your magnetic lashes. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

HOW to remove

When you are ready to remove your magnetic eyelashes, gently rub the 2 magnetic pieces back and forth until they separate.
To remove them, you can pinch on one of the sides, the magnet will snap and then gently pull the two sides apart.

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frequently asked questions

How many magnets do these eyelashes have?

There are 5 magnets that run from the center of the lash to the sides to make sure that it holds.

Does it come with the application tool?

Yes, the kit comes with the lashes, and the magnetic application tool.

Are they safe?

Avenou Magnetic Lashes are easy to put on and take off. You do not need any glue to apply these lashes which is great for your natural eyelashes. They are more safe than other types of lashes that use glue, eyeliner, or chemicals that cause your pores to get irritated or decay your natural eyelashes.

After removing them from your natural eyelashes, how do you separate them to reuse?

You can simply pull them apart and they will pull off from each other ( the magnets ). You can store them back in their case.

Do these lashes hold?

The lash has magnets that run from the center of the lash to the sides. It is also made up of two pieces that are magnetic and stick to each other. They will hold the whole day.

How are the lashes “released” from the curler?

Make sure that the little magnets on the lashes are facing each other, so that the magnets from the bottom lashes are up and the magnets from the upper lashes are down. Since the applicator and the lashes are magnetic, make sure that you hold the two arms of the tool close to each other, on your eyelash, so that the lashes can attach to each other.

Are they heavy?

Avenou Magnetics does not weight a lot, the magnetic elements are very small.

Does it pull off your real lashes?

It does not rip them out. We can't guarantee that it won't pull a lash or two, that's why we say that it is more safe than other types of lashes that use glue, eyeliner or chemicals that cause your pores to get irritated or decay your natural eyelashes. The way that you remove them is by simply pulling them apart, so if done carefully it should not affect your natural lashes.

Will the tool wreck your eyeliner and shadow when applying them?

No, the tool will not ruin your makeup. Fablash magnetics is meant to be applied before or after makeup. It will not mess up your eyeshadow or makeup. 

Can I trim them if they are too long?

Yes, you can trim them if they are too long for you. :)